NEW! De Pasquale Combat Ju-Jitsu certification dates! All Systems & Black Belts ARE WELCOME!
New Jersey: with the first weekend done we are offering those who want to certify for the first full weekend come to the second one here on this date June 8th & 9th 2019 as we are adding on only one more weekend for those who missed the first one.


For Additional Questions Call Soke at 201-666-7100
This will allow all black belts interested to teach this world renowned Ju-Jitsu System in their school.

Program Requirements:

  •   Must have attained minimum black belt in any other system or style

  •   Must show proof of current rank

  •   Complete 4 weekends of training during a 12 month period with each weekend consisting of 20 hours training.

  •   Price $600 per weekend—$500 if 4-5 of your friends (only black belts) register with you


  • Seminar Hosts & School Owners
    In addition to certifications held at the Hombu, school owners have an opportunity to host their own certification at their dojo. The Host of the DePasquale Combat Jujutsu Certification will hold the Certification on 4 chosen weekends.
    At the final weekend of Certification Training, you will take an IFOJJ 1st Degree Black Belt Certification Test in the DePasquale Combat Yoshitsune System. The requirements of this test must be met to pass the exam. No Certification will be awarded until successfully passing the exam.

    In addition, you will automatically become an official member in good standing in the oldest Jujutsu organization in the United States, the International Federation of Jujutsuans. All school owner’s, must become a Chartered School in the IFOJJ. Instead of attending a DePasquale Seminar, you can be teaching the combat system. You can also continue learning with the Traditional Waza, which Michael DePasquale, Sr. and his instructor, Junji Saito, taught throughout the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s and continues today, through his son Michael DePasquale, Jr. Furthermore, you will also be entitled to use the IFOJJ Logo in your school and with your advertising.

    Attention school owners!!! Super Group Discounts available for 6 or more black belts.

    Schools here from Florida, Massachusetts and New Jersey

    Improve your skills, increase your business, develop your own personal knowledge, and enhance your school’s curriculum with the first family of American Ju-jitsu. You’ve spent a lifetime studying and perfecting your art and now you want to expand, but where do you turn?
    For more than half a century, the DePasquale name as well as the I.F.O.J.J. and F.U.M.A. have been synonymous with the very best that martial arts, defensive tactics, safety, and entertainment have to offer. Seminars and Certifications become the obvious choice, but the problem remains, which ones do you choose? As a martial artist and school owner, the quality of the system you choose is paramount. When choosing a seminar or certification program, go with a name that has a history you can trust ..... The DePasquale Family & MDP Enterprises.

    Testimonials by some notable leaders in the Martial Arts Industry

    “For the first time with anyone, I chose to work with Michael DePasquale, Jr. on Ring Deadly/Street Lethal because his combat Ju-Jitsu street to ground techniques are effective and to the point” • Joe Lewis: Former Karate Heavyweight Champion
    “Energetic, complete, and practical, the DePasquale, Ju-Jitsu Systems are very effective” • Bill Wallace: Former Middleweight Champion “Scientific and effective! The DePasquale Ju-Jitsu systems blend to all Ju-Jitsu styles.” • Wally Jay: Founder of Small Circle Ju-Jitsu

    “The power of the DePasquale Ju-Jitsu system incorporating the highly effective Street to Ground Grappling Techniques are unparalleled! My highest rating!!!! • Don “The Dragon” Wilson: Former World Kickboxing Champion

    Register now for our Combat Yoshitsune Certification Programs!

Soke Michael De Pasquale, Jr.
IFOJJ Martial Arts University 2019

Come Celebrate
The 26th Year Anniversary • Tribute to the Pioneers
Who's who in the Martial Arts elite awards

de pasquale combat Ju-Jitsu with Michael De Pasquale Jr.
Saturday Morning, NOVEMber 9th, 2019 • 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM

INF Defensive Tactics Seminar
Saturday, NOVEMBER 9th
, 2019 • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Warrior Training Day
Come train with Many Top Ranked Instructors

Sunday, NOVEMBER 10th, 2019 • 9:00 AM SHARP - 5:00

Promotion Ceremony
Sunday, NOVEMBER 10th, 2019 • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


We will be paying tribute to all the pioneers below who are truly pioneered Martial Arts

We will be doing something to recognize all those Black Belts this year at the IFOJJ Martial Art University! Many years ago I created several book and magazine tributes to those who deserved to be recognized, called The Who's Who in The Martial Art Elite. This year we will do the same that we do every year at the IFOJJ Tribute to The Pioneers no longer here with us along with our one of a kind Lineage Image award that represents your Lineage. NEW will be in honor of my mom who recently past away and was truly one of the first Female Martial Artist in the country

The Josephine De Pasquale
Who's Who in The Martial Art Elite Women's Budo Warrior Award

The Who's Who in The Martial Art Elite ICON Award

for those who have been in the Martial Arts for more than 30 years and 

The Who's Who in The Martial Art Elite Black belt AWARD

for those Black Belts that are still active and are over 18 years of age.
(must be recognized by their teacher)

We will need a bio after the event (photos will be taken at the event). It will be used on a great Who's Who in The Martial Art Elite site and turned into a book. For those who cannot attend this event and believe you or someone you want to recommend the cost will be $ 125 for non-attendee, Of course, we want those who can come to be there to receive their award, and to have a great time and experience. Please contact me if you have questions though message,
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call (201) 666-7100

We will be paying tribute to all of the Pioneers from the past and more this year.

The purpose of this event is to remember, posthumously all our mentors and honor them by practicing the art they passed down to us. 

The Lineage Image Awards are dedicated for the time one has put into practicing these arts our pioneers have handed down to us.

This is the 17x11 Certificate - Tabloid Size
That will be presented to attendees of this event



Example; Black Belt- Joe Ferro (recipient) - He is the student of Henry Kennedy, who is a student of Joe Hess, who is a student of Pioneer Peter Urban and also a student of Michael De Pasquale Jr who is a student of Pioneer Michael DePasquale Sr. 


Join us this year in honoring the legendary figures who passed their legacy down to you by practicing the arts they pioneered.

The IFOJJ Martial Art University tribute to the pioneers is coming up. This year we are doing a Lineage Image Award presentation to ALL teachers and students. It is very important that we DO NOT forget where we come from and who paved the way! If you have a lineage that does not relate to those on the enclosed postcard you can still put their names on the lineage certificate you will receive. There will also be a space for you to put a photo. The certificate we are presenting will have images like the postcard enclosed. All students will have their name on the certificate along with a lineage that comes from your martial art history. You may list up to five instructors.

Register Online
or Get Your paperwork and student’s paperwork in ASAP!

Remember there are cash incentives to bring your students. This is an event that you don’t want to miss. Show your students the pride you have in your background. If you have a prior commitment send your students to represent your school. People who bring ten or more students will have the opportunity to teach a segment, alongside Martial Art icons. All attending will become members of the International Federation of Ju-Jutsuans

Feel free to call Soke Michael DePasquale Jr.: (201) 666-7100
Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Michael De Pasquale Jr Enterprises
187 River Vale Rd
River Vale N.J. 07675


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