2017 IFOJJ Martial Arts University

The 24th Year Tribute to the Pioneers

Weekend of Warriors Training
OCTOBER 7th, 2017
INF Defensive Tactics Seminar
Oct 8th
, 2017

at the
Hilton DoubleTree Hotel in Fort Lee, NJ.

We will be paying tribute to all the pioneers below who are truly pioneered Martial Art’s
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MDPMAU Postcard Front 2017


The purpose of this event is to remember, posthumously all our mentors and honor them by practicing the art they passed down to us. 

The Lineage Image Awards are dedicated for the time one has put into practicing these arts our pioneers have handed down to us.

This is the 17x11 Certificate - Tabloid Size
That will be presented to attendees of this event



Example; Black Belt- Joe Ferro (recipient) - He is the student of Henry Kennedy, who is a student of Joe Hess, who is a student of Pioneer Peter Urban and also a student of Michael De Pasquale Jr who is a student of Pioneer Michael DePasquale Sr. 


Join us this year in honoring the legendary figures who passed their legacy down to you by practicing the arts they pioneered.

The IFOJJ Martial Art University tribute to the pioneers is coming up on October 7th & 8th, 2017. This year we are doing a Lineage Image Award presentation to ALL teachers and students. It is very important that we DO NOT forget where we come from and who paved the way! If you have a linage that does not relate to those on the enclosed postcard you can still put their names on the linage certificate you will receive. There will also be a space for you to put a photo. The certificate we are presenting will have images like the postcard enclosed. All students will have their name on the certificate along with a lineage that comes from your martial art history. You may list up to five instructors.

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Remember there are cash incentives to bring your students. This is an event that you don’t want to miss. Show your students the pride you have in your background. If you have a prior commitment send your students to represent your school. People who bring ten or more students will have the opportunity to teach a segment, alongside Martial Art icons. All attending will become members of the International Federation of Ju-Jutsuans

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